We all enjoy receiving new promotional products especially when they are trendy or useful. Large corporations have made branded merchandise part of their annual marketing budget for decades. With the increase in tradeshows and exhibitions taking place throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane every year, you can now take advantage of some great opportunities to get your logo and message in front of a wide audience containing your ideal new clients. Our advice would be to choose products that reflect your company or the services you offer.

Quality Or Quantity With Promotional Merchandise?

From Perth to Canberra, consumers across Australia get inundated with careless marketing campaigns that come and go with very little impact or influence. Don't waste your advertising budget on cheap printed merchandise that could reflect badly on your company or get discarded before either party receives any value from it. Staying at the forefront of the decision maker's mind is vital to ensure you are considered when the buying process begins.

Catching The Eye With A Memorable Product

You know your industry and your clients well so before making a final purchasing decision, put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel receiving the gift. Would it bring a smile to your face and would you feel grateful? If the answer is yes then it's likely that you have selected a great product. If the answer is no then we would advise you to choose again. There are literally thousands of promo items available in Australia and we can print on almost any material. If you can't find what you need then we can source it for you and deliver your branded merchandise fast and free of charge. We only supply quality promotional products at the best possible prices.

Promotional Product Ideas

Promotional Products are fantastic for impressing prospective clients and increasing brand awareness but they can also be used for many other purposes on a multitude of occasions including:

  • Staff incentives
  • Launching new products and services
  • Promoting landmark events and national holidays
  • Improving customer or employee relations
  • Company or product name changes
  • Corporate gifts
  • Opening of new accounts

Clothing including hats is also a good idea for an advertising campaign. T-shirts and hats get seen by more consumers than most other types of merchandise and can be given to your customers and as well as your staff. Extra care and attention should be given when selecting casual or corporate clothing as consumer tastes, style and sizes need to be considered and accessed. Your options range from smart work wear and uniforms to funny T-shirts and beachwear. Caps have also been one of the most popular promo items in Australia for many years.

Promosource has been supplying promotional products to companies, business owners and Institutions in Australia for over 20 years. We are the preferred supplier of custom printed merchandise for many councils and universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. With regular clients in every state, we have the experience and industry knowledge to ensure all of our customers receive the best possible quality, value and customer service every time.

We'd really like to hear about your next promotional campaign so give us a call today or send an email to Include any questions that you have and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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Promotional Hеаdwеаr & Clothing - A Wаlking Advеrtiѕеmеnt

Thеrе are mаnу bеnеfitѕ оf hаving your company logo on сlоthеѕ and ассеѕѕоriеѕ thаt аdvеrtiѕе уоur buѕinеѕѕ. Thiѕ саn rеаllу bе оnе оf thе most effective types of advertising as реорlе will see your company logo оn thеir clothes аnd gеt mоrе curious about what уоur business. You will find thаt it’s imроrtаnt to take thе time to choose the style of promotional hаtѕ аnd оthеr сlоthing itеmѕ to suit your product offering. View more..

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Promo Source is an Australian-based company supplying to clients located all over Australia. Promo Source is an active member of the Australian Promotional Products Association and deals primarily in providing unique promotional products to businesses. We are one of the most experienced promotional product companies, offering a wide range of products to serve our extensive clientele. ...
Promo Source is an Australian-based company selling to clients all over Australia. Promo Source is an active member of the Australian Promotional Products Association and deals primarily in providing unique promotional products to businesses. We are one of the most experienced promotional product companies, offering a wide range of products to serve our extensive clientele. There are many different promotional strategies incorporated by companies to promote their business, brand or product. An effective promotional strategy is giveaways, and that’s where we come in. In order to promote your business through giveaways or gifts, it’s important to ensure that those gifts are customized. Not only will this be a constant reminder to your clients, but your company/product will be more recognizable with people who use these products or see others using them. The customized company name/logo acts as a long-term promotional strategy. Offering promotional merchandize as giveaways has long been a hugely successful marketing technique. These products can be given to clients at tradeshows, exhibitions or via email as Christmas or Birthday tokens! Although this may seem like a costly marketing technique, it has been proven to be highly effective. Many large multinational companies set aside an annual budget for marketing through business promotional products. Giveaways are also effective in terms of appeasing your clientele. When you offer customers a gift, they are automatically, consciously or subconsciously attracted towards you. This stimulates business activity for your company and brand promotion for your products. It’s more effective to use products that are specific or related to your company or the products you sell. For example, a stationery company can best promote itself by giving away customized glow pens imprinted with its company’s logo. Similarly, a sports company will benefit greatly by sending out customized golf balls to its existing and/or potential clients. Apart from increasing brand awareness, corporate promotional products can also be used as an incentive for your staff, a holiday promotion for your employees, advertising a takeover, merger or company name change, or simply as a corporate gift. Promotional products are multi-purpose. They can be used for different strategy implementations based on your company’s needs, size, marketing budget, nature and future expansion or acquisition plans. It is important to note that promotional giveaways are most beneficial to your company when the promotional product being offered is useful. Choose a product that will be beneficial to both parties; the clients will enjoy using it, which in turn means that your promotional strategy has been successful. When choosing a product, keep your clientele in mind and decide if the product will be beneficial to them, how often they will use it, how much they’ll need it and to what extent they will appreciate the product. If all these questions have a positive response, the product is the right promotional strategy for your company and your clients. Promo Source provides various kinds of promotional products, including but not limited to:


Promotional clothing giveaways are a great campaign strategy due to the wide range of people they target. If a giveaway such as a shirt, sweatshirt or hat is given out, it not only appeals to the buyer themselves, but it advertises your product and brand to all the people who see the buyer wearing it. Clothing is a multi-purpose and effective giveaway. It can be given both to customers and members of staff. It is a much-appreciated and highly useful giveaway. Both the customer who wears it and the company that offers it benefit from clothing promotional products. It makes the customer happy and grateful and it advertises the brand to the client, as well as to all those who see clients wearing it, thereby attracting more business for your company. However, it is important that the style of clothing is assessed prior to ordering the clothing and that a clothing option is decided upon, keeping your clientele’s tastes in mind. It is important to ensure that the clientele likes and uses the clothing given by you in order for this promotion to be beneficial to you and enhance your brand awareness and market. If a promotional product given is thrown out immediately, or stored away, it won’t be of any benefit to either the receiver or the company giving away the product. For example, if your clientele consists mainly of clients from an older demographic, clothing style and design should be in accordance to that. Perhaps a more sober design may be chosen, as compared to a bright or flashy one chosen for a teenager. Although, each requirement is approved and stated by the client, our highly experienced team is available at all times for suggestions, promotional product ideas, expert advice, and any other queries you may have. Our team will help you find the right fit of personalized promotional products for you.


Much similar to clothing, headwear such as hats, caps and scarves are also much used items of clothing. They also provide a clear, obvious and ‘out there’ marketing campaign for your company.

Drinkware and Food

Our drinkware and food promotional products are divided into three sub-categories: confectionary and food, wine and bar, and drinkware. We provide a wide range of products in each category. While products such as clothing are great for brand advertising and promoting over the long term, confectionary and food provide a good short-term solution. They are not durable items that you can use over a long time. But it is a good client gesture to celebrate events such as Christmas and Easter, wishing your employees or clients on their birthdays, or simply sending a welcome hamper to a new or potential client. Our wine gift packs and wine and bar accessories are also quite popular, especially during the holidays, when many companies want to share a gesture of gratitude towards fellow employees or clients. Drinkware such as mugs, jugs, glasses, or water bottles, customized with your company’s name, is a great option for brand/product promotion. Mugs act as useful holders for office stationery, thereby making them an excellent choice for brand promotion. Promotional mugs more often than not end up on the clients’ or employees’ desks. Glasses, jugs and water bottles are also handy items, great as gifts and frequently used. We also provide wholesale promotional products for larger companies, or companies with a wider client base.

Technology and Eco

We provide many products including, but not limited to, flash drives, USB gadgets, watches, cameras and clocks. Although all these may sound expensive, we provide different price ranges according to product quality and the material used. We offer a variety of products in every price range. Promo Source offers a budget line of products as well as moderate and high-priced items. You may order a range of products based on your needs. For instance, you may want to impress a potential client with an expensive clock, or order a large number of budget clocks for your employees’ desks. When you buy from Promo Source, every minute detail is customized to your particular needs!

Desktop and Key rings

Many companies want to stick to professional office supplies to ensure their products are utilized to their advantage. Companies often believe that promotional activity is best conducted within their own workplace, with their partner(s) or with fellow companies. For them, we offer a wide range of office supplies and office accessories, business card holders, calculators, memo pads, staplers, rulers, and much, much more!

Games and Toys

Playing with games and toys such as yoyo’s, Frisbees, puzzles and poker sets can be fun at every age! Although some companies consider it a casual item and may not want to represent their company through games and toys, many others feel otherwise. A product that becomes a source of pleasure for an employee, an existing or a potential client is a great way to attract business and to market your brand. For companies in the toy and gaming business, it’s the ideal promotional giveaway. We also arrange for trial versions of video games to be sent out, or arrange for games and toys specific to your interest and for those that represent your brand most closely.

Home and Living

Home and lifestyle-based products are quite exciting, especially for female employees, or even for male employees who aren’t big on shopping! Our range of products include beach towels, sports towels, candles and holders, music, and kitchen tools. Each product is customized based on the design put forward and approved by you. Giving out home and lifestyle products is always a great promotional idea, since they are either a necessity or a highly appreciated decorative addition. Since they are mainly used directly or displayed upfront, they act as an effective brand marketing tool. We ensure that each category includes gender-neutral products, as well as products that will specifically intrigue men or women, depending on your client base.

Sport and Leisure

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Australia, especially popular among business associates and high-end clients. In fact, many meetings and business agreements are made on the golf course! Keeping that in mind, we stock a huge collection of golf-based products and accessories so we can custom design to your specifications. We offer many products such as golf balls, bags, accessories, and apparel. However, if golf is not your cup of tea, we offer a range of other products. No matter what you want, we can customize, arrange, and produce it! Keeping in mind the interests of a wide range of clients, we also provide other sports and leisure equipment, such as camping sets, picnic sets, compasses, and balls.

Health and Personal

When the scorching summer sun hits your eyes, who can refuse a great pair of absolutely free sunglasses? Your clients and employees will be sure to remember that and will thank you! Products that benefit clients often bring about the biggest return to companies providing them. The most useful products often bring the highest business turnover. We also provide sewing kits, massagers, pill boxes, and a huge range of useful products, that benefit a wide range of users. Products should be selected based on your client demographic to ensure they are put to optimal use. If you cater to older clients, perhaps a pillbox will be a more appropriate custom promotional product than, say, a beach towel or a candle holder. To get the most out of what you’re giving, make sure the right products are being handed out to the right people.


Office-based products such as pens, markers and highlighters are always needed, whether you’re promoting your product to a student, a stay-at-home mother, or the CEO of a top financial firm. Writing materials are always welcomed, appreciated and needed. There’s no better way to market your company than to give your clientele pens customized with your company’s name or logo.

Auto and Tools

Tools such as knives, screwdrivers, torches and tape measures are essential for every household. No matter what your age, ethnicity, career or family background, you will still use these tools in and around your home and/or workplace. At one stage or the other, these tools are needed by everyone but, due to the infrequent use of or need for these products, they may not be available readily in every household. So if there’s a blackout and a torch sent to a client for promotional reasons saves the day, your brand will be advertised and promoted to a great extent, without the need to do much yourself! Promo Source has been a supplier of branded promotional products to companies, business owners and educational institutions in Australia for over 20 years. We are one of the most popular suppliers of customized and printed promotional merchandise to many universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and to businesses all over Australia. Our extensive experience helps us understand the specific needs of different clients in different industries. We ensure that all our clients receive highest quality products, matched with our excellent customer service. We hope to be of service to you when planning your next promotional campaign! 

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